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I'm currently writing 2 bigbang fics - both of which will be Kirk/Spock. One will be TOS and the other will probably be XI. I was wondering if anyone would interested in discussing the fics with me as they are written?

The first fic is currently sitting at close to 1, 500 words. I'm a relatively fast writer when I decide to be, and am hoping to finish the first fic (at about 15K) within the next 2 weeks. 

A short excerpt can be found below the cut:
The ship hung silent and broken in the void called space. Far in the distance, the closest stars did little to illuminate the scene. Rather they glinted there, as pretty as fireflies and just as useless, while the ship drifted slowly, seemingly devoid of live. A moving shadow in the darkness.

With nothing stationary to compare it too, and the nearest glimmering star many thousands of light years away, the ship's drift seemed gentle. Relaxed even. A slow waft in a direction even the outside observe would have difficulty pegging as up, down, left or right - were such directions not arbitrary anyway. However, inside the ship an unwavering counter belied this observation. This ship was moving fast. Thousands of kilometers in a minute - not even a fraction of light-speed, but enough that it had quickly left behind almost a hundred bodies - flung into space when the transference had ripped away half the plating on deck six.

Unobserved the counter slipped a notch as the sensor on the ships exterior was cracked by a flying piece of debris - the ship's shields no longer protecting the exterior.

The ship was dead. It had been for a long time, as these things were measured. Eons? Years? More likely endless months marked only by the ships movement in a direction that could not be named.

The ship was dead, but the crew was not.

I'd love someone who's not afraid to give critique on plot as well as grammar and spelling. 



Date: 2011-02-02 11:44 pm (UTC)
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You can email me at faithlehane1214@gmail.com if you still need help. Cheers!

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