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I need a beta for my sci-fi big bang fic. Estimated final word count is somewhere between 40,000 and 65,000 words; it's a fusion with The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, but I already have a couple of Lynley betas.

Preferred way of contact (email/IM/PMs): Email (PM me if you're interested)
Fandom: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries/24th Century Star Trek
Pairings: Tommy Lynley/Barbara Havers, Shannon Reed/Carly Doherty (minor)
Rating: Soft R
Summary: "Commander Barbara Havers has clawed her way up the ranks to become one of Starfleet's best tactical officers, despite her difficult reputation. Now assigned as First Officer to the USS Providence under Captain Thomas Lynley, scion of one of Starfleet's most famous families, she does her best to keep her legendary temper in check as they struggle to find common ground. But with the Federation reeling from a powerful new threat - and the shocking disappearance of one of their own - Havers and Lynley must put aside their differences to survive the most brutal war Starfleet has ever faced, for their cooperation - or lack thereof - could mean the difference between life and death. Is it possible to find friendship - and love - with the unlikeliest of allies against a backdrop of chaos and destruction? Barbara Havers is about to find out."
Any other info/warnings: Takes place from 2371-2376, during the run-up to and the battles of the Dominion War, so familiarity with Deep Space Nine and the details of the Trek universe is essential. Knowledge of Lynley canon is helpful, but not required. (Also, this sucker is going to be long. I have 21K words already, and I'm between halfway and a third of the way done, depending on how the sucker evolves. I figured due warning would be appreciated.)
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