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i am not often tempted to write as i am not an author but the bunny nibbled and i typed and typed. it seems fairly decent but would like to be better, word checked but grammar????

Plot: sulu sick, chekov tending him, not out right slash but implied, no graphic medical problems but discussion of some issues.

source: st_xi_kink_meme, abrams universe ( i think), and who ever owns all these people {not me}

not sure what else needs to be said so here's a cut of the pie:

Sulu had been the perfect companion on that first mission with my newly issued botanical assistant certificate. The fact that it was on a planet that held my greatly removed cousins and was so like my beloved Uncle Stev’s home in Siberia was icing on cupcake. One of the things that had been addressed when man first began exploring was that no man was only one part of a mission, the more facets you have the more likely it is that you will find yourself being assigned to the better missions in life. There are thousands and thousands of specialties in life but in order to function successfully most away teams have a limited number of placements available. I have often heard myself referred to as a genius, but I wonder how I can be thought to be so smart when I find out everyday how much I don’t in fact know. However I have found the perfect lodestar for my future: I shall follow in my hero’s footsteps, I shall surround myself with the best possible help and learn to let them do the things that I cannot so that I can do the things that I can do to the best of my ability. The fact that Captain Kirk has chosen me to be one of the people he depends on is beyond my wildest dreams from infancy. The fact that being there has allowed me to meet and befriend Hikaru Sulu has been a blessing that I will treasure until the end of my days.

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