Nov. 19th, 2011

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Firstly, I would like to request a beta reader (or two) for an XI Kirk/McCoy slash fic I am in the process of writing. The fic is a fairly standard, Kirk's-injured-and-McCoy's-bitching-and-taking-care-of-him, more than a tiny bit angsty thing, but I'm experimenting with having each chapter come from the POV of a different character as they visit Kirk in sickbay. As such, the fic is almost entirely made up of speech, and one of the main things I'm going to need help with is making sure I'm keeping everyone in character and their dialogue sounding 'correct'. The fic will hopefully turn out at around 20,000 words (in case length is an issue).

Secondly, I'm just starting in on a fic that, in my head at least, is growing to fairly epic proportions. o.O What I'm looking for here, for now, is someone who can help me out with some questions about canon (for now I'm just looking for help with one or two XI questions; if anything else comes up I'll post again). I'm usually very confident with canon, but I want to make sure I'm definitely getting it right with a few things. :-)

Any and all help appreciated - thanks in advance!

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